AIR CM private 9H-ALJ airplane

Why choose a chartered flight with AirCM Global Ltd?

When entrusting a charter flight with AirCM Global Ltd we provide, to the ever increasingly time constricted global corporate world; incalculable time saving, productivity, convenience and flexibility to name but a few advantageous solutions to keep your business one step ahead of the competition.

Increasingly, companies want connectivity and speed of access when competing at the highest levels of rapidity in the ever changing global business environment. Air CM Global, with tailored private aviation services, leaders in private aviation charter and management, can provide busy executives effective and efficient access to global locations and aviation solutions, where commerce and industry are increasingly demanding and expecting more.

Some of the core factors of private aviation are convenience and flexibility, our aircraft can be available at a few hours’ notice and if due to your busy work schedule or over an extended meeting and you’re running late, whether it be just minutes or a few hours after your scheduled departure time, we will wait for you and then fly you directly to your destination and offer the opportunity to land at airfields closer to your final destination.

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In addition, when hiring a private jet with us at Air CM Global, we will take care of all the important finishing touches, right down to the car that collects you from the VIP lounge or the aircraft door. With our 24/7 customer service, we’ll be on-hand to assist prior, during and after your flight, so that once in the air, you can rest easy knowing we only operate aircraft that hold an Air Operator’s License and meet the highest standards of worldwide Civil Aviation Authorities.

Time constraints are one of the most substantial reasons for executives to use private aircraft AirCM Global Ltd can provide maximum return on investment by providing time saving solutions at the most competitive prices.

AirCM Global Ltd has the expertise and global magnitude to offer you a customised and privileged service with no limits, a global fleet network of 12,000 prestigious AOC operated aircraft.

One of the many benefits of flying privately with AirCM Global Ltd is not having the lengthy wait to check-in and board the aircraft, with us the experience is seamless, stress and trouble free.

Fast and efficient access to designated locations, be in more places in less time, productively utilising your time is the main reason to choose private charter aviation, we will help you better manage your travel time and improve employee productivity better.

We help companies internationally connect and compete by providing rapid and easier aviation access to clients and to new markets. We are a private aviation solution company and at the forefront of delivering private aviation charter, readily accessible, enabling our clients to be as productive in the air as they are on the ground. AirCM Global Ltd gives executives the flexibility they need to reach new markets and explore new commercial opportunities, getting executives to be where they need to be when they need to be there.

These are just a few of the dynamic advantages our private aviation charter’s offer, being cost effective and a benefit to any company, from an early stage start-up to the largest multi-national corporations.