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What is it like to fly private charter?

Have you ever wondered what it may be like fly in a private jet? I mean, aside from the associated air of elegance (of which there most certainly is – especially when organised an operated by competent and experienced team) – what is it really like, how does it differ, from perhaps your usual go to travel structure?

It would be largely agreed upon that flying private jet charter offers a plethora of advantages, of course this depends principally on both your reason and frequency of travel.

I think it would be fair to kick start this brief overview by clarifying a crucial point; when you fly commercial, the focus is essentially on the airline itself, however when you fly private – the focus, is you. You are given almost absolute freedom with regards to the two most important variables; When and Where. In addition to these and perhaps for some just as important, flying private charter

extends to you the power of flexibility, the power to customise and tweak your in-flight experience to how you wish, from culinary delights to absolute privacy.

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Now, whilst we can all nod in unison to the advantages of being able to enjoy our favourite foods, from cheeseburgers to caviar, be assured that the potential benefits far surpass these luxuries.

Time. The one valuable commodity we are all trying to maximise. If you value your time and similarly have a requirement for high frequency travel, private jet charter is right down your alley (flight path). Now, I am not simply referring to the circumvention of monotonous checks, nor the avoidance of that one person that always seems to hold up the flight (comparing perfumes in duty free) and of course waiting for that conveyor belt to power up, no. Whilst all these elements do indeed compound, have you ever thought about how incredibly convenient it might be to land nearer to your destination? Well, it’s a perk that has compelled many to transition to flying private and undoubtedly worth some thought.

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My personal favourite reason to fly private charter you ask? Well, and I feel there will be many an animal lover out there of whom will be rather pleased to know this; I can have my dog (Duke, for those that are curious), right by my side, enjoying the flight along with some delicious treats. Many commercial airlines do not permit pets, and many that do charge heavily – and for those of us that spend much time away from home, having your trusted compadre accompany you (hassle free) makes a big difference.

In essence, flying private charter, as mentioned above, really does make it about you. Your time, your schedule, your taste, your mood – your comfort.

If you have never flown private charter before and are interested, possibly you have an impending travel requirement, please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.