Baby on private jet

Top Reasons Families Fly by Private Jet Charter

One of the best things about private aviation is that it is flexible enough to meet the needs of families and individuals alike. Commercial flights fill parents with dread; what items can be packed as hand luggage, how helpful are the crew to parents, and will they have to ignore contemptuous glances from fellow passengers.

Private aviation eliminates these concerns and has many other benefits to families. Flying by Business Jet allows your family to travel to your destination with the highest level of comfort and ease possible.  

Here are a few reasons why you and your family should fly by private jet charter:

Flexible to your family schedule 

A leading consideration for families with young children is to time the flight with sleeping and eating patterns. With a charter flight, you can schedule take off around feeding time and nap time. 

Parents can face setbacks in their schedule, private aviation flights are able to delay your flight (in most cases) should you need another 30 minutes. Whilst private jet companies will help you mitigate this in advance by offering private terminals for quick check in and private transport to the aircraft, it is a nice fail safe. 

Business Jets will get you from A to B, no connecting flights required. Finding a connecting flight in a foreign airport can be a particularly stressful part of travelling with children. If you fly privately, the flight will be planned to wherever you would like to go, without connection or waiting times in transit. 

Luggage allowances are better for families as you can take as much as you need into the cabin. The crew will assist you with buggies, car seats, nappy bags and all the additional cabin luggage required to support the travel experience of parents and children.  You also have the hold luggage area to yourself, with no chance of your bags getting lost!

Relax in Privacy 

Families do not need to worry about how other passengers may react to a child’s crying, or toys being all over the cabin – the space is yours for the flight. 

When travelling with children, having a private toilet that is only used by your family can be extremely comforting. Children can feel unwell when flying, or the parents may wish to change nappies away from the rest of the family. The bathrooms on a business jet are spacious in comparison to commercial airlines and far more family friendly.  

Travelling over ‘sleeping hours’ is difficult for parents and children alike, however many Business Jets can be transformed into bedrooms. A family of 4 would be suitably refreshed after an overnight flight on a Global Express, which boasts a minimum (aircraft dependant) of a private double bedroom and 2 single bed capability. For parents that would not be comfortable sleeping with strangers around, flying privately allows for the whole family to rest properly before their trip. Other aircraft types offer other sleep solutions (on request) for children, such as inflatable seat extensions or bassinets. 

Family Safety and Hygiene 

When you fly privately the aircraft will be cleaned to the highest standard before you board and after you leave. Before every flight, the aircraft is disinfected by a COVID 19 cleaning specialist team, as well as checked over by your crew prior to your family boarding. 

Crew are trained specifically in COVID 19 protocol and wear masks when in the presence of all passengers. Further measures can be implemented at request, such as hazmat suits.  All members of the crew will have negative PCR results from within 72 hours and relevant certificates. 

Infant’s safety belts can be supplied on request, as well as any other specific safety equipment you may require. 

If a family member requires accessibility support, your private charter company will source an aircraft and all other considerations to make the trip as smooth as possible. As you will be able to choose the type of aircraft you fly in, you can request something suitable for your requirements. There are types of aircraft that are more suited for wheelchair accessibility or carrying respiratory devices, but most will accommodate service dogs or small mobility devices. 

Keeping children hydrated can have a significant impact on their wellness throughout the flight, as well as the affects of jet lag. As the aircraft will be pre-stocked to your specifications, there is no need to carry large water bottles through the airport. We can even stock your children’s favourite cordial flavours to ensure they drink throughout the trip. 

Quality Time 

You’ll Make the Most out of Your Family Trip

A private jet charter allows you to spend quality time with your family during your journey. You’ll be seated together, with plenty of space and entertainment activities to choose from. A private aircraft maximizes the entire trip experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy with one another, whilst adding to the meaningful memories you’ll create together.

When booking your charter flight, choose from access to Wi-Fi, TV screens, board games, iPads and more. Everyone can do something they enjoy, or you can all sit back together, to relax and watch a film during your flight.

Catering Can Be Customised for Each Family Member

Commercial airlines have limited food options and it is difficult to eliminate exposure to potential allergens for children who have serious allergies. A private jet charter not only provides gourmet cuisine prepared by the finest chefs, but it also gives you full control on the type of food served to your family. All meals can be different and specific to dietary requirements and can be served at different times. Not only can food allergies be easily avoided, but so can other allergies. When specifying your aircraft ensure your charter company have a full list and they will source an aircraft to suit.  

Microwaves, toasters, and all other manner of kitchen appliances can be requested for your journey. If you would prefer to heat up your baby’s milk bottle or have freshly pressed paninis, this can all be arranged on your behalf. 

Booking a Flight

Plan your next family trip with Air CM Global. When you rely on our private jet charter services, we know you’re investing your trust in us. Allow us to show you how our commitment to your family’s safety and enjoyment can give you a truly memorable vacation with your loved ones.

With our personal fleet and a global network of stringently vetted operators, we will find you a private jet that suits every need for your family. Book your flight with us today for an aviation experience set to the highest standards of the industry.