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Three soul refreshing destinations

After what seems like for many of us an eternity of restrictions and repetitive routines due to the ongoing global pandemic, there appears to be some (very much needed) light at the end of the tunnel.

Though indeed many governments continue to sternly advise their citisens to stay put, numerous countries the world over, from Croatia to Cambodia have begun to get back into the swing of things, welcoming eager tourists from far and wide – Albeit some restrictions pertaining to specific quarantine periods tethered to particular incoming traffic.

So, whilst we should all be remaining vigilant and ensuring we do our utmost to fulfil COVID related prevention, we may begin, at the very least, to plan our very much needed R&R.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the most renowned soul refreshing destinations on offer to perhaps offer some positively charged inspiration for your up and coming travel needs.

The glorious island of Aruba, southern Caribbean. This picturesque location boasts lengthy white-sanded beaches, magnificently clear waters teeming with a diverse and vibrant array of marine life and for those wanting to unwind in more of a cathartic manner, Aruba has on offer a multitude of activities to take part in, from hiking across its rugged landscapes to cantering along its shores.

beauiful Zanzibar

Zanzibar – the blessed Tanzanian archipelago just off the east African coast. This gem of a location possesses some of the most soul soothing beaches you will ever see, pristine, perfectly set and flanked by flawlessly clear warm waters and idyllic palm trees, no more need be said – just the kind of place needed to help you fully unwind and detach.

Croatia, shrouded in incredible history, adorned with mesmerising landscapes and over one thousand islands and islets – from mountains to glistening sapphire waters, Croatia truly is a high contender for those seeking relaxation, distraction, adventure and fulfilment, a must visit.

beautiful Croatia

What better way to whisk yourself, family and friends off to one of these superb locations, or indeed anywhere that takes your fancy (within reason – we haven’t yet begun lunar charters), than to allow AirCM Global to take care of all the details and get you there in both style and comfort.

Our team remain strictly up to date with rules and regulations with regards to the ongoing global situation and have implemented related procedures internally to ensure the highest level of care and safety for both our staff and esteemed guests.

If you are considering a getaway soon and would like to know how we can assist, please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.