Safety points to consider private charter during COVID 19

Three Safety Points to Consider Private Charter Over Commercial

Travelling by private jet offers a multitude of benefits when compared with flying commercial, most obvious are the convenience, less wasted time, flexibility and the ability to completely customise your journey.

However, have you ever considered that chartering and flying by private jet may be quite a bit safer than the status quo? Let’s have a quick look at a handful of reasons this may indeed be the case.

Flight crew familiarity – Few of us will have had the privilege of being able to discover our pilot’s name and more importantly her or his experience or qualifications at a glance. Similarly, who are those that will be attending to us once aboard? Both unlikely pieces of information to volunteered when flying commercial we can agree.

Flying privately can often mean that you are granted the opportunity to fly with those of whom have looked after and flown you prior, a familiar face is always appreciated, especially when previous flights have left you satisfied with the service. Further to this, it means those slight details regarding your particular preferences will be looked after with even more diligence – from the way you like your favourite beverage to the small adjustments that ensure your comfort in flight.

Knowing who is onboard with you – When flying commercial, you are surrounded by a sea of new faces, of whom you know nothing of. When booking, individuals are required to provide very basic information in order to secure their seat and of course, the process is far less personal, often being completed online in a matter of moments. When flying privately, the situation is by and large rather different, as the client will predominantly have had an actual (verbal) conversation with the organising party and even more importantly, will typically receive more information allowing them to complete a far more thorough understanding of who exactly will be aboard – and obviously, when flying in small groups, many tend to be colleagues, family and friends. A stark contrast from travelling amongst a large number of individuals of whom you nothing about.

Lastly, stringent safety checks – Similar to what was mentioned in the previous point, when booking online, the majority of clientele will hone in on very specific elements when considering which company to book their flights with, usually comprised of price, times and convenience (with regards to number of stops/transfers etc) – interestingly though, safety is a given, not a prioritised consideration.

Private charter perks over commercial jet

Within the private jet charter industry, a competitive industry, companies absolutely need to ensure they are being seen and further to this, that they are both reliable, trustworthy and consistent. Variables pertaining to all things safety are monitored and tracked with a keen eye – operators that do not adhere or meet (and surpass) the required level of safety standards simply do not make the cut and will not be used.

This means that those that opt to travel via private jet charter can rest assured that the synergy of both rigorous, constant safety obligations (and their records) in conjunction with the desire to stand out from the crowd within the sector, may indeed lead to a far safer travel option. It should also be noted that dealing with fewer passengers may translate into greater attention being paid safety checks and the like – leading to an all far swifter turnaround time.

And of course, whilst we continue to progress through this period of uncertainty caused by the global pandemic, it is important to keep in mind that, as with all flights, both commercial or private, strict measures are enforced to ensure any possible contagion is mitigated. Logically, with less people aboard, smaller surface areas to manage and far less touch points – translates into a potentially higher degree of attention to detail. The majority of private jet’s will go through a full disinfection process prior to every new flight, crews are regularly tested and kept up to date on all new information and processes pertaining to the fight against Covid-19.

If you are considering flying private, whether for the first time or the umpteenth time, please do get in touch with AirCM Global’s team, we would love to hear from you.