Three of the world’s most Luxury Jet Terminals

In a world of continuingly developing mod cons and exciting innovation, within in every sector, we can of course expect to see some of the most prominent of these blossoming and present within areas of which luxury and convenience is a must.

Flying private jet charter offers a range of advantages, and whilst arriving in style may be synonymous with Hollywood elite and business titans, it is indeed an extremely attractive option for all.

With such lavishness woven into the very fabric of this industry, it only makes sense for the terminals of which these cloud surfing bastions of opulence are supported by, to follow suit – and don’t they just.

Let’s take a quick look at a handful of some of the most noteworthy private jet terminals globally, in all their glory.

Signature Terminal – Biggin Hill Airport, London.

The business hub that is London, as would be imagined, offers numerous private jet terminals, to service its continual influx of international clientele from every walk of life. Biggin Hill, a former Royal Air Force station based in the borough of Bromley has become a favourite for those travelling for business, and with feels of a top end hotel, concierge service, the availability of conference and meeting space, amenities allowing one to spruce up and a dedicated room to ‘snooze’ – you can definitely see why.


The Signature Terminal is indeed a business refuge, and with it only being a 16-minute train ride into the heart of London, or a speedy 6-minute helicopter journey supported by a chauffeured car service, its hardly difficult to see why this terminals has become some highly spoken of. Oh, and they offer popcorn and milkshakes too, no brainer.

Fattal VIP Terminal – Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv.


Experience for the Elite Traveller, offering a real privatised experience for both esteemed passengers in transit and flight crews alike. Launched by a hotel group, which already off the bat is encouraging, as luxury airport terminals, one would hope, bear many of the aesthetics, hospitality and conveniences we appreciate from high end hotels – boasts private waiting rooms, premium washroom facilities, swanky luxury accommodation, chauffer and butler services and even a cigar room.

The Fattal VIP Terminal have indeed gone above and beyond, allowing you to appreciate a true and full VIP service with all the trimmings.

KayanJet FBO – Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw Airport, St. Kitts.


As if spending time in the West Indies wasn’t already enticing enough –The KayanJet Terminal at Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw Airport, formally known as Golden Rock Airport, on the island of St. Kitts and just a stone’s throw from the islands main airport Basseterre, is a five star private jet terminal that really does offer a heavenly environment when either arriving or leaving this beautiful island.

The KayanJet private jet terminal in St. Kitts offers a delectably alluring Caribbean infused relaxed atmosphere, with rooms to take a quick snooze, concierge service, private sun-decks and a menu that in all honesty, if leaving, will make you want to stay.

This beautiful and well thought out, boutique private jet terminal is the perfect introduction, or farewell you could ask for.

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