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The growing popularity of private jet charter in uncertain times

Amid this ongoing global pandemic, of which we are all understandably still uncertain of when it will begin to affect our lives to a lesser extent (or at all), it would seem that many have chosen to turn their heads towards private jet charter, as an alternative to commercial travel.

Even without delving into what seems like a continuous stream of ever evolving research, citing governmental statistics, articles written by pundits from a variety of fields and the disproving old claims – I think we can all agree that it makes perfectly logical sense, void of any internationally recognised certification, previous medical training or viral experience, that should the option to travel via means that are more controlled, in which contagion (or the paranoia of it) is significantly mitigated, be available to us, it would probably be a very good option to consider.

There have been some cases in which a rather hefty 27% increase in private jet charter bookings was recorded in as little as three weeks, which is a clear indication that flyer sentiment is beginning to shift.

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One very interesting indicator, that upon reading I think most would ponder over their current commercial flight travel plans, is touchpoints. This buzzword that seems to be peppered across numerous articles online discussing how Covid-19 will change the world and of course, air travel as we currently know it be, denotes areas in which the virus can potentially be spread due to the proximity of physical closeness between the crew and those flying aboard. A packed flight offers a multitude of opportunities for the virus to spread via unavoidable interaction.

One statistic cites that a singular commercial flight, exposes those travelling to roughly a staggering 700 touchpoints. Now, in comparison, your average private jet charter flight approximately 20, that’s a risk thirty times less than flying commercial – definitely food for thought.

Furthermore, it may also be worth keeping in mind the level of safety and indeed risk professionalism (particularly  with regard to Covid-19), exhibited by staff and pilots aboard private jets can, by and large, be expected to be of the highest calibre. The private jet charter industry, though now being far more accessible by all, is rooted in a sterling level of hospitality, responsiveness and sophistication.

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In short, less numbers aboard (a lot less – and possibly just you, your group of family, friends or associates), less crew, incredibly strict, regulated and unwaveringly adhered to safety procedures, high regularity of checks upon all pilots and crew and the stringent disinfection routines upon completion of every flight, truly does help to provide people with the peace of mind they desire, allowing them to focus on what is important to them – or perhaps nothing at all, their prerogative.

Throughout this period, AirCM Global have remained resolute in demonstrating the best private jet charter service possible, and we will continue to do so, come rain or shine.

If you have travel plans on the horizon and would like to know more about how we can help you get there, relaxed, refreshed and ready for business (or pleasure), get in touch, we would love to here from you.