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The benefits of aircraft registration in Malta

Air CM Global can help private and commercial jet owners unlock the unique advantages of aircraft registration in Malta. Our expert team is ready to talk you through the practical and tax benefits of joining the Maltese aircraft register. Then trust us to take on all the administration – while you sit back and reap the rewards.

Key advantages of private and commercial aircraft registration in Malta

Since 2007, Malta has offered a compelling corporate tax system whereby non-residents can claim tax refunds. In practical terms, this means that the standard 35% corporate tax rate is often effectively reduced to 0%-5%. If you’re considering aircraft registration in Malta, it’s also worth remembering that income from international transport of goods and passengers outside the country is exempt from Maltese tax.

Falling under EASA jurisdiction, the Maltese aircraft register holds its operators to some of the highest levels of regulation in the world. Aircraft registration in Malta offers private and commercial jet owners peace of mind, with its FAA Category 1 rating testament to the stringent standards of safety and security.

Aircraft registration in Malta offers unparalleled flexibility to international operators. Planes on the Maltese aircraft register can be based and freely operated anywhere in the world. It’s also possible to add an aircraft to the Malta aircraft register that is currently under construction or out of action. As a further benefit, there’s no duty on importing civil aircraft to Malta – and aircraft are not subject to stamp duty.

As an EU member state since 2004, the Maltese aircraft register permits free circulation of aircraft in the eurozone – which in turn allows tax-free commercial operation.

The private use of an aircraft by a non-resident of Malta – employed by a company whose business includes the ownership, leasing or operation of aircraft transporting goods or passengers internationally – does not represent a taxable fringe benefit.

Aircraft registration in Malta lets operators take advantage of fractional ownership of a single aircraft. The potential benefits of this are huge, with a number of co-owners able to specify a percentage stake, each financed by a separate creditor.

Commercial and private aircraft operators alike can benefit from aircraft registration in Malta. The country offers the ideal legislative environment, with an extensive double-tax treaty network and transparency of rights and interests. In addition, Malta adheres to the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment, which sets international standards for leases, security interests and registration of contracts.

By registering your aircraft in Malta, you can take advantage of beneficial accelerated depreciation periods. As of 2010, the minimum period to claim deductions has been reduced to six years (airframe, engine, overhaul) and four years (interiors etc).

Malta’s aviation industry is thriving and internationally renowned, meaning that there’s always a professional English-speaking support network on hand. With local experts ready to assist with anything from aircraft repair and maintenance to crew training – and Air CM Global’s experts in your corner – everything is in place to help your operation run smoothly and maximise profit.

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