special missions

Emergency air evacuation & medical repatriation

When an emergency strikes, you can rely on Air CM Global’s experienced team and professional colleagues to react fast and safely. From medevac and aerial surveillance, to close personal security, air ambulance and air bridge – there’s nothing we can’t handle.

Air CM Global is ready to take on the challenge

Air CM Global’s expertise goes far beyond AOC management and private aircraft charter. Clients rely on us for highly specialised air services, in testing situations where the stakes are high and the cost of failure is unthinkable. When the clock is ticking, Air CM Global has the experience and infrastructure to move quickly and manage a delicate situation as it unfolds.

Come to us and we’ll put together a personalised programme that meets your unique requirements. We’ve worked with governments, insurance companies and security firms all over the world, helping to keep their personnel and assets safe in global danger zones. Our commissions have included everything from medical evacuation and search-and-rescue, to surveillance and delivery of humanitarian aid.

Air CM Global’s portfolio of air services also includes passenger logistics (personnel and VIP), cargo and AOG air transport, radar calibration and airways services (high and low level).

With our experienced team and network of specialist partners, Air CM Global has built a deserved reputation for delivering in the most demanding circumstances.

We’re fully qualified to provide support for:

  • Medical evacuation (medevac)
  • Emergency air ambulance
  • Passenger logistics (personnel and VIP)
  • Cargo and AOG air transport
  • Search and rescue services
  • Radar calibration and airways services (high and low level)
  • Surveillance
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Natural disasters   
Image of a private passenger logistics jet wing over the sea Image of a map being used for a special mission flight with a man drawing on it