Reasons Why Business Jets are Safer than Commercial Flights

Reasons Why Business Jets are Safer than Commercial Flights

2021 is a new era when it comes to safety in travel. Potential clients are much more focused on how to travel safely with both colleges and family, and many are considering flying privately for the first time.

In previous years, there would be small influxes of interest when an incident in commercial travel made the headlines and would then go back to a steady pace. Over the past year, interest in flying privately has changed from a reactive measure to a comprehensive consideration, and the demographic has widened.

Business Jet operators have such a greater extent of control per flight than commercial airlines. Particularly over the last 12 months, we have been able to listen to the guidance by leading health experts and adapt our services to exceed the suggested safety measures.

Covid-19 Safety Measures

Instead of going to a large airport, you will normally use a business jet terminal or dedicated business jet airport. These areas have significantly reduced numbers of people each day and are much smaller and cleaner. This not only reduces the time required at the airport but also the amount of touchpoints.

Air CM Global ensures that the aircraft has been fully disinfected and professionally cleaned before every single passenger flight. Our crew is PCR tested prior to every flight, whether the countries are classed as ‘Green’ on the Covid -19 traffic light system or not. During passenger handling, the crew wears PPE and once onboard will keep the cabin door closed, restricting the airflow between cockpit and cabin. Only passengers will use the amenities onboard the aircraft, which are restocked before every flight, and clients can opt whether they would like a cabin crew member or not.

Training Standards for Crew

Pilots in Europe have some of the highest standards in initial and recurrent training in the world. At Air CM Global, safety is our highest priority. Our team of highly qualified and experienced pilots are continuously trained by the best training facilities available. As a company, our training requirements exceed that of the governing bodies in Europe and give us the reputation that we have for safety.

EASA Governance

European aircraft management companies are some of the most heavily regulated (if not the most regulated) in the world. Compliance with all the regulations keeps us in business, but we also go above and beyond these measurements. You can find more information visit Air CM Global Charter.

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