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Quarantine to Cockpit: Mental Health for Crew during Covid-19

Covid 19 has caused unprecedented issues for every sector and aviation is no different. Air CM Global have a varied range of operations, including Air Ambulance, which have kept flying to save lives throughout the pandemic.

Air CM Global are proud to be part of the network keeping global essential services going and recognise the pressures that can put on a team after such a prolonged period.

If you have managed to fly this year, you most likely had to undergo PCR tests as well as some time quarantining after landing. In Malta, the rules are the same for our essential crew that fly for a living – PCR tests both sides and 2 weeks quarantine when you arrive back in Malta.

Some crew members have spent very little time out of a quarantining sanction this year.

Often forgotten, crew provide a vital service in these difficult and unprecedented times. Therefore, we must keep at the forefront of our minds the potential effects on the crew’s mental health. As a complete AOC service, the pilot’s wellbeing is of utmost importance to us.

One of our pilots had this to say about working as a pilot in 2021

“Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic being a crewmember has become far more challenging and the requirements we have to adhere to more complex. It is a great feeling to be able to fly in these times and help people and industries manage the difficulties faced. From regular testing to following company and multiple government policies and guidelines it has been immensely challenging at times for every department, especially for the pilots like me, who have spent several months in quarantine. The support of the company and my family have been key in maintaining a positive attitude and mind-set.”

Air CM Global know that the mental health and wellbeing of crew members is as important as their physical health, each often having an impact on the other. As part of our safety culture, we offer a range of avenues (inside and outside of the company) to get our crew the support they require including an industry leading Peer2Peer support programme run by the Centre for Aviation Psychology (BizAv PsP).

If you are part of the global business aviation family and would like some more information about the pilot support network, please follow the link below:

Peer2Peer Pilot support: