Private aircraft registration Malta

Private Aircraft Registration in Malta

Malta, a commercial and travel hub nestled right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, has garnered continually increasing popularity to its aircraft register over the past few years, leading to it becoming one of the fastest-growing EU aircraft registers for business aviation.

Private aircraft owners from far and wide have been drawn by a host of pull factors, from its high level of economic and governmental stability, affordable onshore aircraft registration, participation in the Cape Town convention and the sturdy support of the Maltese Civil Aviation Directorate, to name but a few. Of course, further to this, Malta being so well placed geographically offers such a high level of convenience, along with the English language being officially recognised, used both contractually and widely spoken.

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The Island nation of Malta is one of the 32 countries under the European Aviation Safety Agency umbrella, which instils much confidence in the knowledge that operators on the Maltese aircraft register are obligated to observe some of the highest, most stringent levels of aviation safety internationally. In addition to this, and further testament to the potential value of registering your private aircraft with AirCM Global here in Malta can be taken from knowing that the Maltese register holds an FAA Category 1 rating.

The registration of both commercial and private aircraft in Malta brings with it a multitude of advantages, one of which provokes much interest is Malta’s corporate tax system, which allows for non-residents to claim tax refunds – in essence, the typical rate of 35% for corporate tax can potentially be brought down to 0-5%.

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Also, do keep in mind, any income from the international transportation of passengers and goods, outside the country, is exempt from Maltese tax.

With such a thriving, well-supported aviation sector, underpinned by a multifaceted, well-established, English speaking support network, Malta presents itself as an incredibly attractive contender when registering your private aircraft.

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