Not so standard safety

Not so standard safety

Monitoring aviation safety and security in today’s world.
The risk of traveling by air is shifting continually, but never to the same extent as during the past year, with the ever-changing threat levels and responses to COVID-19. Air CM Global aims to be flexible to our client's requests, whilst keeping the aircraft, crews, and passengers safe at all times.

This can be a tall order when you are also in partnerships with Air Ambulance and Cargo missions.  As our business expands during this time of unrest in travel, our safety procedures require continuous adapting.

Air CM Global operates under EASA standards of safety, which is one of the highest (if not the highest) levels of safety any operator can adhere to. Every aspect of the management, crew and aircraft are under constant auditing, training and inspection. As we continue to grow as a business, we keep safety as our highest priority and always at the forefront when strategising our next steps. With our level of diversification, there isn’t just one single programme that works well as a stand-alone solution for risk assessment, mitigation, and flight tracking, so we have implemented a multitude, believing that more knowledge can only lead to more informed decisions and ultimately the highest level of safety and security.


Air CM Global is committed to not only meeting, but exceeding these standards.

The first consideration is to manage the level of risk associated with a specific flight. In previous years, a risk assessment could be constructed over the course of a couple of days using traditional risk management tools provided by a number of organisations. Now, there are many different types of flights and a growing fleet of diversified aircrafts, and the requirement for a quicker and more detailed risk assessment programme is imperative to meet our internal safety standards.


This year we have been trialling Osprey Flight Solutions to meet these requirements.

“By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with world-class human analysis, Osprey delivers the most powerful resource in the industry for understanding the risks in the global aviation operating environment.”    Osprey Flight Solutions, 2021

Osprey is unique as it delivers instantaneous access to global analysis for up-to-the-minute risk assessments, and by seamlessly integrating with our flight planning software, delivers an end-to-end risk management system right from the planning stage, through to take-off and touch-down. The unparalleled advantages of combining the latest risk management technology, along with more traditional models, have made the operational side of our business far more streamlined, enhancing our safety to support our levels of diversification.