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The future of private jets

What does the future hold for private jets?

How will they evolve over the next five, ten or twenty years? With such endless, fascinating innovation and development from incredible minds, and with continuous improvements and advancements in all sectors from medicine to agriculture, there will undoubtedly be cross-over – it’s sure to be exiting.

From jet capability to inflight experience – Supersonic speeds, vertical take off’s and trips to the moon – reminiscent of the Jetsons?

As we know from history, difficulties often lead to solutions and new approaches that very well may not have been explored otherwise, the ongoing pandemic has indeed had this effect, bringing with it a host of contemporary contactless solutions. Refined connectivity, the further use of biometrics within the aviation sector and of course, artificial intelligence, all play an important role moving forward.

For those that tire quickly of seemingly restricted cabin windows and aircraft interiors in general, regardless of how luxurious it may be, there is hope. In the not-too-distant future, windowless aircraft kitted out with large, high-definition, lightweight LED screens fitted to the walls/roof of the fuselage, to mirror panoramic, real-time imagery of the exterior via cameras fixed to the outside of the aircraft, may just be an option – an innovation that would also aid the reduction of fuel consumption.

future aircraft design

Supersonic business jets capable of delivering you to your destination in record times, offering all the luxuries and mod cons you have become accustomed to upon ‘normal’ private jets may be available to us far sooner than we think – making breakfast in Cape Town and an early lunch in New York quite possible – and all whilst being carbon neutral!

Aside from the sleek designs, quieter interiors, quicker flights and breath-taking views – there are sure to be a host of other market disrupting, awe inspiring ‘futuristic’ developments, being meticulously worked upon somewhere, that will help to propel the world of private aviation ever further – how exciting to be living in such a period of advancement and technology.

If you have a fast approaching flight requirement or perhaps would like to find out more about our varied fleet of aircrafts internationally, please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.