New year

Fly Into the New Year

Ladies and Gentlemen, the new year is fast approaching.

After what many may have experienced as a rather odd Christmas, deviating from the norm due to the unfortunate continued global pandemic – forcing us to convey our well wishes and Christmas cheer over skype and other digital platforms, we must now focus ourselves on the infinite possibilities that the new year holds, and mark my words, it does.

This festive period carries with it, secretly tethered to each carol and mince pie, lovingly woven into every gift, regardless of size, hope.

It is a time in which, yes, we indulge, let our hair down and just for a few days, give ourselves permission to relax just a little more, press pause and allow ourselves to breathe.

The period offers us time to reflect, it provides a ‘last call’ as we approach the new year – a time for resolution and optimism that what is coming is better than what has gone. A time to start over, to do better and work harder, according to whatever our own individual subjective understanding of that may be.

A charitable time, in every sense of the word. Gifts and acts of kindness come in all shapes and forms, some of the most potent and appreciated of which, cost nothing, but mean everything – a kind word perhaps, a long overdue apology, a re-established connection, an expression of love.


Whilst of course it is disheartening that this Christmas, as I mentioned right at the start, may indeed have been affected for many, families unable to meet, Christmas being spent away from home – we must also remind ourselves of our resilience and tenacity.

Similar to an arrow being drawn, the days following Christmas, prior to January first, should be capitalised upon. What is it that we wish to achieve?

At AirCM Global, we genuinely feel blessed as a team, to be able to work within the aviation industry, the private jet charter sphere – an industry we are deeply passionate about. However, aside from the technological innovation and excitement, challenges and project diversity, what we value most, is the visceral satisfaction of playing a key role in connecting people – a role in which we are committed to providing to the best of our abilities moving forward into the new year.

As Covid-19 related restrictions alter and morph globally, we will adapt and remain efficient, to ensure our clientele’s travel requirements are met. We will remain ever vigilant of the global situation and act swiftly to ensure our aircraft, crew and esteemed passengers are looked after to the highest degree. Our aircraft are put through a meticulous disinfection procedure after every flight and our crew members are regularly tested and updated on all laws and regulations linked to Covid-19.

Whether you are planning to travel soon, or in the distant future, give us a call – The AirCM Global team would love to have a chat with you about your private jet charter requirements, we look forward to hearing from you.

Where will your private jet charter take you in 2021?