How much do private flights cost?

How much do private flights cost?

The European market for private charter has grown considerably in the wake of COVID 19, as more people look for safer and more reliable alternatives to commercial flights. As the rules relax around quarantining for those who are fully vaccinated, it is expected for this trend to continue.

Aviation specialists are predicting that ‘short hops’ domestically and in Europe will continue to thrive, driving up the demand for smaller aircraft types to the point of pre-Covid era sale prices. Super mid-size has seen a marked increase in demand as well, however the data would suggest that more people are ‘trying out’ flying privately for the first time on smaller and more economical jets. As the market matures, the preference for bathrooms, galleys, bedrooms, and other luxury amenities available from the larger jets would increase alongside this.  

Based on the current trends in the industry, our sales team have broken down some of our most common requests for flights into price brackets. Whilst the pandemic will continue to bring with it new challenges that could affect a myriad of cost factors for flights, the below pricing is a starting point for those beginning their investigation into flying privately. 

Light Jets

Light jets are the most economical choice, and a great way to be introduced to flying privately. Whilst they cannot offer the comforts of the larger jets, the level of service compared to commercial flying is a fantastic initiation into the private aviation world. 

Based on 2-4 people travelling with light refreshments and snacks only in a light Jet. 

One way short hops from the UK (less than 2 hours) approximately £7,500 – £12,000 

  • Paris, France – Doncaster
  • Jersey, UK – Edinburgh
  • Nice, France – Bournemouth

Midsize Jets 

Midsize business jets are the perfect balance between range and price. Depending on the aircraft model, it may have a gally and capability for a flight attendant onboard. It is worth telling your broker exactly what facilities you require when opting for a midsize.  

Based on 2-4 people travelling one way with light lunch and refreshments in a mid-sized Jet £15,000 – 2 – 2.5-hour journeys: 

  • Reykjavik, Iceland – Glasgow
  • Southampton – Faro, Portugal
  • Exeter – Ibiza, Spain

Based on 2-4 people travelling one way with lunch, refreshments, and snacks in a mid-sized Jet approximately £21,000 –
3.5 – 4-hour journeys:

  • Manchester – Larnaca, Cyprus
  • East Midlands – Istanbul, Turkey
  • Cardiff – Santorini, Greece

Heavy Jets

Heavy jets or ultra-long range are the best way to travel long distances, as the smaller jets may need to stop for fuel, adding more stops, time, and expense. These jets are usually equipped with full galleys, bedrooms, and bathroom facilities, making the experience relaxing and luxurious.

Based on less than 8 people travelling with full meals and refreshments as required in a Heavy Jet – over 4 hours with routing from London one way 

  • Cape Town, South Africa £150,000 12 hours 
  • Cancun, Mexico £105,000 11 hours
  • New York, USA £90,000 8 hours 
  • Male, Maldives £120,000 10 hours 
  • Bridge Town, Barbados £100,000 9 hours 
  • Vegas, USA £120,000 11 hours

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