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Batteries: small, but not to be forgotten

Batteries are not the most exciting of topics – however, after the Hong Kong Airport fire on 12th April, it could be worth a quick read of our guidance. Air CM Global have the honour of welcoming many ‘first time’ private flyers and therefore do our best to make these likely unknown restrictions as clear as possible.

Certain types of batteries are considered dangerous to take on an aircraft for fire safety reasons, and whilst we consider spontaneous battery combustion is something associated with the charging of mobile phones, laptops, or vaping accessories, it can indeed take place with many other items that may be taken aboard a flight.

Electronic Devices on a flight


To further highlight the potential risk, a fire started by the spontaneous combustion of a Lithium metal battery, cannot necessarily be put out with standard aircraft fire suppression equipment.

Although you probably won’t be able to carry spare lithium batteries onto the flight, all your small personal devices (standard smartphones, laptops, small radio-controlled toys, etc) shouldn’t be a concern in personal quantities.

A small number of very large, extended life computer laptop batteries and some batteries used for powering professional audio-visual equipment, are usually restricted to a maximum of two per passenger. You will not be able to take on board anything that has more than 160 watt-hours due to the lithium content.

Do keep an eye out for signs of overheating in any of your devices and inform a member of the crew immediately should you notice any irregularities.

Charter a private jet

Credit: Dan Collins

All Air CM Global pilots are trained in (what the industry refers to as) ‘Dangerous Goods’ and what to do in this situation, so you’re in good hands.

If you have bought yourself a top-notch video camera in preparation for your holidays, it would be a good idea to check the watt-hours and give your airline a call if you’re unsure.

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