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Refreshing Travel

Jet lag (or Desynchronosis) can be debilitating for some, which is less than ideal if you fly for business meetings and need to be fresh and alert when you land. When your body’s circadian rhythm is out of sync with your time zone, it can leave you feeling exhausted and unable to concentrate until your body has adjusted.

Getting sleep and sunlight at the right times will eventually stabilise your body clock, however, there are some hacks to speed up the process, and it is one of the main reasons many people fly privately.

The Science Behind Flying In A Business Jet

Cabin Pressure

When you fly commercially, the air cabin pressure will usually be between 7000ft and 8000ft. Business jets are designed with better pressurisation maximum differential, which leads to a lower cabin altitude. This advantage is the best way to combat fatigue and concentration difficulties caused by jet lag. Our Challenger aircraft have a cabin pressure of 6000ft, and our Global Express just 4,500ft. You also have full control of the cabin temperature to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.


Having full control of the lighting within the cabin means that you can ask the crew for the best lighting options throughout the flight to feel refreshed on landing. Depending on the time being travelled and the distance, our experienced crew will be able to assist you with the best possible light settings and timings for the transitions to assist your circadian rhythm in adjusting as early as possible.


When flying at night, being fully rested begins with a good night’s sleep. Our long-range aircraft have either double or king-size beds onboard. When travelling long distances it is worth upgrading to an aircraft that has this facility. Our Global has a king-size bed with full linens and duvets that are private from the rest of the cabin. Getting into a freshly made bed and waking from a great night’s sleep, before retrieving your suit from the inbuilt wardrobe, you will look as energised as you feel.


Air CM Global works with specific aviation caterers who specialise in designing menus of fresh delicious ingredients, that help you fight the effects of jet lag. Commercial airlines offer high carbohydrate and processed meals which have been proven to worsen the side effects of Desynchronosis.

General Tips for All Travellers


Drinking water is the best thing a person can do themselves to avoid long bouts of jet lag. This extends to having a humidifier too. If you are flying with us you can request a humidifier, it can make a big difference to fatigue.

Light control

If you are sleeping on a flight, reducing your screen time can stop the light from your devices further confusing your circadian rhythm. Using a sleeping mask to block out light can promote deeper sleep, helping to achieve a more refreshed feeling after the flight.


Where possible try and take a flight that has you land in the evening, then go to sleep in accordance with your new time zone. It may also help to set your watch to the new time zone prior to arrival, as you will start to consider your rest in terms of the country in which you are arriving.

Exercise and Exercises

Light exercise or breathing exercises will oxygenate the blood after a long flight. If possible before the flight lands (or shortly after), getting your circulation reactivated through yoga or similar types of exercise can be enormously beneficial for jet lag, and a great practice after any flight.

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