New York loft design and textures inspired AirCM Bombardier business Private Jet

An Inside Look – The Bombardier Global Express 9H-AYS

If you are heading to an important meeting around the globe and want to arrive on the spot rested and prepared for the meeting, then AirCM would like to introduce you to the private jet designed with business travelers in mind.

High-speed Business Aircraft

The Bombardier Global Express 9H-AYS is a high-speed business aircraft. The jet is boasting a range of 6,500 nautical miles, which makes it capable of long flights. This private jet can fly at a maximum cruise speed of 459 kt and at a maximum operating altitude of 51,000 ft, so you will avoid the most commercial air traffic. The semi-monocoque airframe is made of lightweight aluminum alloys and composite materials. Global Express has a low wing, tricycle landing gear, and fuselage-mounted engines.

Convenient and Luxurious Interior Design

New York loft Luxury design and textures AirCM Bombardier business private jet

Besides being able to arrive at the place you are headed faster, Bombardier Global Express offers you a perfect 12-hour flight environment. The new interior design was made with business environment in mind. The plane was fully refurbished and its wonderful interior has been completed last year, ensuring that your needs as a modern traveler will be met. This is why its designers took inspiration from the contemporary New York loft design and textures. This private jet is not created to transfer you from one place to another, but also to help you hold the meeting with your colleagues on the way to your executive trip.

Speaking of the inside of this private jet, Global Express has new layout cabin features, a reconfigured rest area, lounge area and of course, dining area and lavatory. It can accommodate 12 to 16 passengers in three cabin sections – a forward four-chair club section, a central four-seat conference grouping and an aft three-place divan facing two chairs. The cabins have a forward galley, crew rest area, and crew lavatory.

The cabins have an unobstructed length of 14.7m (48.2 ft), a width of 2.49m (8.17 ft) and a headroom measured at 1.91m (6.3 ft)  The floor on the other side is dropped by 51 mm (2.0 in) to increase width at shoulder level and the windows are repositioned from before and enlarged by 25%.

Moving forward, Bombardier Global Express 9H-AYS has a custom seat design, credenza, window panels, carpet and funnel black nickel plating. The credenza is custom made as well. Its housing extra seats transform the dining space into a six-place entertaining area. Speaking of recreational area, it has a 42’’ high-definition TV, Wi-FI connection and ottoman.

What Else to Expect?

Flying with Bombardier Global Express will allow you to enjoy a large gallery that is guaranteed to provide you with a fine dining experience. The team of AirCM will make sure that any of your dietary requirements are met. Aside from that, you are guaranteed more flexibility with your luggage and this is because the aircraft permits a baggage volume of 1.94 cubic meters.

The industry-leading experts in aviation, AirCM Global always prioritizes safety, convenience, relaxation, and luxury for our clients. We have a professionally-trained crew, round-the-clock customer care and addition of the Bombardier Global Express to our fleet, so we will make sure for you to arrive at your destination well-rested and energized. To experience the highest levels of efficiency and quality in your travels, book your flight with us today.