Aircraft Acquisitions

Aircraft Acquisitions

As part of Air CM Global’s continued growth, we have formalised a department dedicated to all areas of aircraft acquisitions, complementing our business aviation turnkey solution.

What do we do? 

Air CM Global’s acquisitions department concentrates on matching the needs of the client with the appropriate aircraft and the best management options for the type of flying planned. Our team will source and qualify aircraft, before negotiating terms on your behalf prior to a purchase decision. Whether you are looking for personal use or one of our other specialities like Cargo, our dedicated acquisitions department will be there every step of the way to ensure you are getting the best possible aircraft for the best possible price, the world over. 

Headed up by the new acquisitions manager, Eric De Sousa, our partners trust our efficiency in buying and selling aircraft on their behalf because they receive a 1-2-1 service right from the initial enquiry to sale completion and aftercare support.  

Our goal 

Our tailor-made service is solution focused. Many of our potential partners are looking for ways to minimise expense and maximise revenue when buying an aircraft. Air CM Global have a worldwide network and an experienced in-house team that support the acquisition on all fronts. They make sure the best available options are presented in a timely manner, as well as ensuring you are informed of all the considerations for the purchase or sale. 

What is included in the service? 

The consultation process is fully bespoke and covers all factors of an acquisition. Our team have a wealth of experience in previous trends, the current market, and analysing forecasted predictions to competently advise on a myriad of aspects that influence purchase or sale decisions. 

Based on your preferences, reports can be prepared that forecast the revenue streams available to you, including how many hours of charter are likely to be performed per year – or even broken down by demand into monthly estimates. All our partners are offered a costing model and report, however we can also provide you with an aircraft specific return on investment (ROI) analysis or an in-depth current market analysis, depending on what you are hoping to achieve. 

With the full support of a registered aircraft management company that is well known in the industry for its 360-degree aviation services, our team can either introduce or negotiate assistance with financing the deal through trustworthy and diligent sources. 

Our globalised service includes getting your aircraft into the appropriate management. Numerous partners trust us to find companies that can host their aircraft on their AOC, and those that are aiming to have the aircraft registered in Europe may choose Air CM Global as a long-term partner. As a thank you to those who become long term partners, we waive most of the acquisition consultation fee. 

Finally, our team will create the necessary contracts to your agreed specification.  Each partner and aircraft are unique and this is reflected in our approach; being precise and detailed through to the final arrangements with your stakeholders. Your acquisitions manger will ensure you are equipped with all the knowledge required to feel confident in your decision, before signing on the dotted line. 

Why choose Air CM Global? 

Whatever your specification, wherever in the world you are hoping to register your aircraft, Air CM Global is the bespoke and discreet service that puts you first. 

What are the next steps? 

Book a consultation with one of our specialists to see if we are the right fit for you and discover the solutions we can provide.  

Email us: or give us a call on: +356 2122 1066 and ask for acquisitions.