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AirCM Global – ‘Here to help you with any Diplomatic or essential business flights’

Through the hard work, dedication and vision of our closely-knit, experienced team, AirCM Global has firmly positioned itself as the valued aircraft management and private jet charter choice of many, this in turn, has helped us to accelerate our understanding and further our reach.

We understand the importance of travel, perhaps even more so in times like these, in which every day we wake to discover the developments of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, that seems to have impacted every component of our lives in some way. Understandably, one of the major areas that have been brought very close to a halt is travel – and where travel remains permissible, systems and procedures have been severely altered for safety reasons.

However, there are indeed those that need to travel as a necessity, whether for essential business reasons, health or diplomatic purposes – of which we remain committed to doing our utmost in assisting with the sourcing of aircraft, flight arrangements, clearance matters, and all other related details pertaining to the efficient, bespoke and convenient travel plan.

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Regardless of where you need to be, how rigorous your schedule is and what your particular flight requirements are, you can rest assured that with AirCM Global, you are in capable hands.

We offer our clients as much flexibility and choice with regards to their flight as is possible, ranging from thousands of approved private aircraft and helicopters to select from, precise security arrangements and all the mod-cons and culinary delights that may be sought after.

Our years of experience successfully coordinating private jet charter flights for both individuals and organisations from within the international business and political sphere have led us to become proficient in anticipating requirements and has allowed us to cultivate a solid network of aviation-related relationships.

AirCM Global pride ourselves on having a deep understanding of flight protocol and remain continually alert to global affairs that may affect our clients travel plans. We operate a non-stop client service line to ensure communication with those we are assisting is always available.

If you are planning to travel, or have an impending requirement and would like to discover whether AirCM Global would be able to assist you, please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you and discuss the multitude of options available.