A new age in private aviation calls for a fresh approach

A new age in private aviation calls for a fresh approach

July 2021 saw growth in the private jet market pick up significantly, almost reaching 2019 levels in Europe and the USA. Whilst barriers of entry have remained high in private aviation, the world has turned, and more people are putting the benefits of safety ahead of cost savings.

Those able to make the change from commercial to private are willing to take on investments in aircraft options, including memberships and fractional ownership in order to do this.

New Adopters

According to various sources, the number of people who are new to the private aviation market is around 40% (about 10% in 2019) with over half stating the reason for the change is COVID 19 and safety around flying during a pandemic. A broader acceptance on spending money on safety concerns coupled with airlines regularly cutting routes is contributing to this trend.

This data is reflective of travel moving from business and leisure to more of a hybrid with over 60% of ‘new adopters’ looking to travel with their families for either a vacation or a combination of business and family time. Personal travel (as it is known) is at an all-time high, with 35% of new users trialling private aviation on a flight-by-flight basis via charter.

Market Situation

People want to avoid the hassle of using commercial airlines and receive a better service during a period when rules change overnight regularly. Private aviation is better equipped to give individual, reliable information and react in a solution focused approach to emerging changes – not just cancelled flights or schedule changes without being consulted.

As the new market surges towards weekend and school holiday dates, the static supply of aircraft, the aviation legacy of covid, supply cannot reach the demand and is therefore pushing the price up by as much as 20%, especially when going through a broker. Air CM Global have decided to market one of the fleet specifically to the new adopters. By keeping the price low it is perfect for the shorter trips like London to Spain, France, or Amsterdam for up to 9 people.

Our Approach

To help our potential clients decide if flying privately is for them, we have released a generalised price guide, based on the current market and trends here and chose to release one of our own aircraft back into the charter market at an economical rate. The aircraft is a little older, and therefore is perfect for a new adopter to try out – as the price point is lower than its newer counterparts. Those that enquire with us directly will receive the lowest price, as there is no broker. Just because this is a seasoned aircraft, does not mean there is any dip in service standards. Every quote includes one of our fabulous flight attendants and luxury catering options. For those looking for a short hop with no frills, we offer a basic catering package (tea, coffee, water and maybe some biscuits of your choice on a self-serve basis).

Our Aircraft

A Challenger 601 is a heavy jet with an impressive range for its fuel consumption. See how much your perfect trip would cost by enquiring through our website or email us at sales@aircm.aero