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A Handful of Reasons to Consider Flying Private

Regardless of the market you operate within, or should I say compete – as this would be a far truer term, to ascribe meaning to the way both individuals and entities, from commerce, to sport and even dare I say, with themselves, secure and protect ground progress and continue to meticulously carve out a larger market share.

Maintain team moral, maximise time or uphold a commitment to a healthier lifestyle – the sustained realisation of a worthy goal.

Most of us have an innate desire to seek out the competitive edge, that singular component that will offer you an advantage.

Thousands of organisations and companies the world over, choose to fly their teams, executives and clients, by private jet – and though an air of superiority may indeed play into the minds of some, perhaps leading to reinforced confidence and increased level of success – we can assure you that this is not the most significant of factors, nor what most who opt to travel via private jet charter are primarily seeking.

First and foremost, time.

Whether on the hunt to ramp up business as a fresh well-oiled relatively new business or a well-established titan jetting to and fro to ensure all is in order and the right people are where they need to be, before they need to be there – selecting private jet charter as a means of travel is incredibly beneficial.

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Much of the expected hassle and absolute time-sapping (and usually unavoidable) circumstances many are accustomed to when flying commercial are circumvented. Queues and lines, gone. The general requirement to turn up several hours prior to the scheduled flight time, gone. Couple these with uber efficient and swift security inspections. Furthermore, flight durations are generally shorter and perhaps most attractive to some, the need to patiently wait whilst others are exiting the aircraft, often at a glacial pace, at the end of a flight is no longer an issue. More time for you and your team to allocate to what you deem important.

Flexibility. Flying private jet charter places the power of choice in your hands – and for those with brimming schedules, the ability to change destination mid-flight and the knowledge that your jet will be waiting for you regardless of how late your meeting has run, is obviously a fantastic advantage to have.

Efficiency and Output. When you fly via private jet, you can literally create an office amongst the clouds, with a view that would rival the most regal of work spaces. Many private jets, within reason, can be customised and prepared to your specifications. Your favourite foods and beverages can be served as and when you wish, and with all the people that you could expect to be surrounding you on a commercial flight, gone – you potentially have the makings of a serene, comfortable workplace for the duration of your journey, perfect for sharpening up on finer details prior to meetings, getting a head start on pending work or, I would imagine, catching forty winks to ensure you are fully energised on arrival.

Flying private jet charter really does offer up a host of benefits, especially to those of whom time is of the utmost importance.

If you or your company is interested in flying private for the first time, please do get in touch, we would love to explain more and see how best AirCM Global could help you with your travel requirements.